Flexx Funding can provide various loan programs for the agricultural community. From commercial farms, ranches, horse farms, vineyards and farming operations.

Flexx Funding has relationships with major financial institutions, insurance companies, regional banks, farm lenders, Farmer Mac, Farm Credit, Farm Service Agency (FSA) and various lenders through out the United States.

Stated Commercial Farm Loans - No Verification

This program is for the borrower with strong equity in the property to be financed and the borrower having good credit.


  • Minimum loan amount of $200,000 and maximum loan amount of $300,000
  • Loan to Value of 55%
  • No limitations of acreage
  • New loan will take the First Position / Lien
  • Credit score of 680 minimum Financial Statement required
  • FSA Guaranteed Farm and Ranch Loans

Flexx Funding works with the FSA to provide funding for guaranteed loans up to $875,000 for commercial farms and ranches. The investors we work with are Preferred FSA lenders and have the capacity to fund Beginning farm loans.

If you cannot receive private sector fmancing this is the program for you. USDA will Guarantee up to 90% of this loan. We can combine the FSA guaranteed loan and an investor loan for beginning farmers to $400,000.

  • Terms to 25 years
  • Credit score of 580 minimum
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Flexx Funding will coordinate with local FSA office

Farm Operating Line of Credit

Flexx Funding can provide you with a Revolving Line of Credit to provide you with operating capital at your disposal. This Line of Credit is secured by real estate for farms with a consistent income history and strong equity.
  • 24 hour transfer to your operating account 
  • Loans to 50% LTV of the land 
  • Minimum loan is $50,000 
  • 3 years tax returns required

Agri Business and Rural Facility Loans 

Flexx Funding has the investors that can provide lending programs for the following: 
  • Equipment Loans purchase or refinance their current equipment line 
  • Grain Facilities 
  • Alternative Energy Plants 
  • Processing Plants 
  • Wind Generation Farms 
  • Inquire on all other Agricultural related properties 

Security Backed Loans 

Use your investments as collateral to borrow money at low interest rates. Be it stocks, Bonds, mutual funds or other securities to obtain the funds needed for business or personal use. 
  • No credit of income verification 
  • Non- recourse loan. Pledge only your securities - not your real estate 
  • Loans up to 80% of the security value 
  • All dividends and upside market gains are kept by the borrower 
  • All securities are accepted. Domestic and International 
  • Quarterly Interest Only payments 
  • At Payoff the pledged shares are returned to the borrower 

Hobby Farm Loans 

This type of loan has been designed for the person that would like to own a home and where they can produce some income from livestock or crops. Please note that the Agricultural income cannot be the sole source of income qualifying. 
  • Minimum amount of $1 00,000 
  • LTV 85% of purchase price 
  • Refinance to 85% of appraised value and 75% cash out of appraised value 
  • Home structure must be worth more than 25% or more ofthe land value 
  • Primary residence of Second Home 
  • Minimum Credit Score of 660 
  • 2 Years of Tax Returns required 

Hard Money Real Estate Farm Loans 

Hard Money loans serve a great purpose in the lending industry. This type of loan is for those in need of quick funding to take care of an imperative financial :aeed but with an exit strategy in place to resume normal funding programs.
  • Loan to Value of 55% 
  • New loan will take the First Position / Lien 
  • Credit Scores and Financial Statements will be reviewed even though this is an asset  based loan.
  • All property types considered 

Rural Home Loans / Country Home Loans 

This loan is designed for the people that would like to have family farm animals and 4-H Project animals and barns on there property but without revenue producing agricultural schemes in place. 
  • No acreage limitations 
  • Down Payment minimum 3 % 
  • Loans from $100,000 to $417,000 
  • Home must be worth 35% more of the loan amount 
  • Primary Residence only 
  • Minimum Credit Score 620 
  • 2 Years of Tax Returns required 

Rural Land / Raw Land

This loan is intended for people who would like to finance a home raw land for a future home site. Limited agricultural activity may proceed during the land bank period. 
  • 25 year fixed rate 
  • No prepayment penalties 
  • Minimum loan of $100,000 
  • Purchase or refi 
  • Rural area with population under 2,500 
  • Minimum Credit Score of 660 
  • Up to 75% LTV 
  • Borrower must state the intent is to build a personal family residence - single family