Flexx Funding supports commercial loans through out the 50 states, and commercial construction projects all over the world. Flexx Funding we have access to a variety of capital sources to meet your needs. Our relationships are vast and they are solid. We are not limited to any one funding source or bank. From banks to niche lenders we have the resources to fund viable financing needs. 

Flexx Funding offers companies seeking purchase and refinancing of properties to construction development loans. As the worldwide credit markets continue to decline Flexx Funding and our Private Investor Funds continue to fund viable, stable commercial properties throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. 

Funding available for the following: 

Commercial Land / Construction Projects 

Flexx Funding provides mortgage financing for real estate acquisition and development, residential and commercial construction, condo conversions and commercial and multi-unit residential income properties. 

Debtor in Possession Financing / "DIP" Financing 

Debtor in Possession or DIP financing provides companies with the proper funding to emerge from Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy. This type of financing is rarely known to companies that are in need ofthis funding element. DIP funded firms "live" in reorganization for a much shorter time and are the most likely to emerge from Chapter 11 studies have shown.

Gas Station / C Stores / Car Washes

For the petroleum & convenience industry and car washes we have several financing products. We have conventional sources or SBA loans available. We provide funding for branded as well as private label stations. Securing real estate is not contingent in obtaining the funding that is needed for your Gas Station / C Store. Funding is available for an owner occupied property or for an investor. Funds for purchase, rehab, purchase of business only, construction, equipment and inventory.

Bridge Loans

For your short term funding needs usually 1 month to 12 months with some programs with terms up to 36 months. Bridge loans are the perfect funding tool to immediately capitalize on a business opportunity. These loans can be used for acquisition, buy outs, foreclosures, cash out and construction purposes. 

Franchise Financing 

If you are looking to finance a restaurant or start a large retail franchise or purchase a large automotive business Flexx Funding can provide you with the financing. If you are seeking to expand your franchise system or looking to finance a new one, Flexx Funding can help. From acquisition of real estate and improvements to equipment purchases to working capital or refinancing of existing debt. 

Hospitality Industry / Hotel-Motel Financing 

Flexx Funding provides funding for Hotel and Motel loan request across the United States. Your project can be Flagged, Independent, Limited Service and Extended stay facilities . We provide financing for acquisition, refinance, and new construction. We offer variable terms and rates to meet your funding needs. 

Mezzanine Loans 

A mezzanine loan can be a type of bridge loan in the sense that it is short-term and not permanent financing. However a mezzanine loan is not secured by property, it is secured by an ownership interest in the company that owns the property. This occurs when a Borrower needs more money than he is able to borrow against the property, so he puts up an interest in his company as collateral. 

Mobile Home Park Loan 

Flexx Funding offers several exceptional loan products for the Mobile Home Park industry. Let us help you structure your financing to meet your financial needs to your fullest advantage. 

  • Interest Only Available 
  • Non Recourse Available 
  • Up to 30 year amortization 

Partner Buy Out Loans

Flexx Funding can provide consulting and funding for Partner Buy Outs when the need arises. We will work with your accountants, attorneys, financial advisors as well as the processors and underwriters to complete your funding request. 

Private Placement and Equity Loans 

Private Placement and Equity capital can represent the most difficult funding for any real estate transaction. Flexx Funding has relationships with the following to to arrange your capital solution. 

  • Private Clients 
  • Private Equity Funds 
  • Institutional Lenders 
  • Hedge Funds 

Real Estate Loans 

Flexx Funding funds and arranges commercial real estate mortgages for our clients nationwide. We work with a network of lenders and conduits that include banks, private lenders, insurance companies, Freddie Mac, Fannie MAE, SBA, HUD/FHA and more. Funding for acquisition, cash-out refinance, bridge, construction, mezzanine and private equity. Property Types include, but are not limited to: 

  • Apartment / Multi-Family 
  • Office Buildings 
  • Shopping Center / Strip Mall 
  • Industrial and Warehouse 
  • Self Storage Facility 
  • Assisted Living Facility / Senior Care Home 
  • Mixed Use/Special Use Property 

Small Balance Loans 

Flexx Funding has financing options for you small balance funding needs. We have access to several loan programs to meet your funding expectations. Use of funds for purchase, refinances: rate and term / cash-out. Here are a few of our available programs: 

No Income /  No Asset

Underwriting is driven by good credit and collateral. Virtually a blank application.  

Stated Income /  Stated Asset

 Excellent for entrepreneurs, self-employed business owners and  investors  not have verifiable  income or assets. Typically these borrowers are  ineligible for bank financing   because of their lack of documentation or the uniqueness  of the property they are looking to finance. 

Full Doc

A very unique hybrid between traditional commercial underwriting and residential underwriting.  Up to 95% CLTV for multi-family and mixed use properties Property Types include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Automotive 
  2. Bed and Breakfast 
  3. Mixed Use 
  4. Self Storage 
  5. Restaurants / Bar 
  6. Retail 
  7. MoteVHotel 
  8. Multi Family 
  9. Office 
  10. Warehouse