Lines of Credit / Working Capital 

Credit Lines 

Flexx Funding will analyze your financials and match your firm with the ideal lender. A low interest business line of credit will allow you the freedom to properly grow your successful business. The business lines of credit are revolving and will not show on your personal credit report. They will be in the business name and typically guaranteed by the owner serving as guarantors. Interest rates are typically LIBOR, sometimes based on Prime or Prime plus a small margin. 

A revolving line of credit lets your business borrow, repay, and borrow again up to the original amount committed by Wells Fargo, through out the life of the loan. 

A non-revolving line of credit lets your business borrow an amount either in lump sum or an amount disbursed over a period of time. Each time repayment is made, credit availability reduces by that amount.

You can use a line of credit to:

  1. Fund seasonal changes in inventory and receivables. 
  2. Take advantage of vendor discounts. 
  3. Meet unexpected cash needs. 

Here is a sample list of documents we request to generate a fast approval. Your list may vary depending upon your situation prior to funding. 

  • Last 2 Years Business Tax Returns 
  • Last 2 years Personal Tax Returns 
  • Personal Financial Statement 
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report 

Working Capital 

Credit Card Receipt Advances 

Flexx Funding works with many lenders that will now purchase an amount of your "future" credit card receipts and in return you get working capital. Bad credit or no credit at all is not a disqualifier. We fund your business based on your monthly revenues. A mutually agreed-upon payback is taken out of your sales receipts. 

Example, you are advanced up to $ 50,000 based on your current sales receipts. A small percentage is deducted.