Medical Industry

Flexx Funding can get you the right financing needed for your Professional Practice. We can help:

Dentist Optometrist
Physicians Veterinarians
Ophthalmologist Medical Professionals

Medical Receivables Financing

Flexx Funding can help you benefit from factoring your medical receivables by making your cash flow become more predictable. Why wait 30 to 90 days hoping that your medical claims will be soon paid. Let us help you get them paid in 24 to 48 hours. Manage your business and meet your obligations better.

Medical receivables factoring is based on your net collectables rather than your gross collectables. Net collectables is the amount the insurance company actually pays for the claim. Medical Factoring works as follows:

  1. You submit your claims to insurance companies. HMO's and Medicare/Medicaid.
  2. You submit copies of the claims to us (the medical factoring company).
  3. We advance you up to 85% of your net collectables (a reserve of 15% is not advanced to offset discrepancies).
  4. You get immediate funds while we wait for the claims to get paid.
  5. Once the claims are paid, the transaction is settled and we rebate you the remaining reserves.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Flexx Funding helps you retain cash within the business by helping you lease rather purchase Medical Equipment. There are many advantages to leasing your Medical Equipment opposed to purchasing it.

  1. Payment profiles can normally be structured to suit available budgets, project roll-out programs and/or cash flow requirements.
  2. There are some tax benefits by adopting Medical Equipment Leasing, the most important being that leasing payments may be offset against tax rather than adopting more complex capital allowance calculations.
  3. Flexibility. You may practice in a field where the rate of technology changes quite fast and a lease may allow you to upgrade ageing and obsolete equipment for more technically advanced Medical Equipment as time progresses.
  4. When leasing Medical Equipment you are not constrained to just acquiring the equipment that you can afford to pay for in terms of capital cost at the time of purchase. Regular payments enable you to select the equipment that is the most beneficial for your business need, rather than just selecting the item of equipment that you can afford at the time.
  5. At the end of the lease term, equipment can be returned to the lessor which avoids equipment disposal issues and cost, which are becoming more significant as recycling and disposal rules and cost are increasing yearly.
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Chiropractic Microscopes Optical Dental X-Ray Dental Chairs Centrifuges
AED Defibrillators X Ray Film Processor CT & MRI Equipment Laboratory Test Equipment
Oxygen Equipment Dental Tables
Ophthalmic Examining Room

Partner Buy-Out and Buy In Loans

Flexx Funding can provide consulting and funding for Partner Buy Outs and Buy Ins when the need arises. Also, we can provide practice merger loans. We will work with your accountants, attorneys, fmancial advisors as well as the processors and underwriters to complete your funding request.

Physician Loans

Flexx Funding can help you arrange a loan or a business credit line for you without any collateral. Are you in need of expansion or working capital? Let Flexx Funding source the capital that you need.

Spend time in your practice and not chasing down funds. Flexx Funding will use its vast resources while you are seeing your patients. Let us use our resources to help you with your funding needs.

The Doctor Mortgage Loan

Flexx Funding has a great loan for doctors that are in residency, medical school or who are in practice. We can provide low rates and very small down payments with using future income to qualify you and let you move in today.

  • Easy Qualification for medical doctors with an MD, DDS, DO, DMD or DPM degree
  • No Pre-payment Penalties
  • Loan Programs - 3/1, 5/1, 7/1
  • Low or No Down Payments
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance